Dandiya For SEWA

To support Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen) along with Fattighuset and Norges Blindeforbund.

Dandiya for Sewa event was organized at an Indoor Football stadium - VallHall Arena on Sunday, 22nd October 2023. It was a fundraising event and all the profits are donated to Norwegian Cancer Society(Kreftforeningen), Fattighuset(Poor People home) & Norges Blindeforbund( Blind People association).

In 2021, we donated kr 75,000 and in 2022 we donated kr 112000 to kreftforeningen. In 2023 we donated 60000 Kr to Kreftforeningen, 20000 kr to Fattighuset & 20000 kr to Norges Blindeforbund.

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What Sewa Offers


Disaster and winter relief

Winter Relief for Ukraine

Thank you for your great generosity. To support one orphanage home with 40 kids from 4 to 14 years of age in Ukraine, We have collected 13000 kr and clothes. A total of 5 boxes are sent with Winter clothes, Jackets, Hand gloves, Blankets, Socks, etc. All items were new and purchased from different cities in Norway. Volunteers donated and collected the items from Oslo, Asker, Drammen, Hokksund, and Stavanger.

Disaster Relief & Recovery for Ukraine

Over 5200 students have registered & They are provided information, guidelines and moral encouragement along with arranging buses/trains for transport and food for these students while on their way to border check posts where they are then taken to airports.


To Cancer Society

All the profit from the event is donated to Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen) in Norway.


Ekal Vidhyalaya (School)
in India

Ekal Vidyalaya is an organization and movement that aims to help eradicate illiteracy from rural and tribal Bharat. This movement initiates, supports, and runs one-teacher schools (popularly known as Ekal Vidyalayas) all over the country. With the participation of numerous non-profit trusts and organizations, this program has now become the greatest education movement in the country. Ekal Vidyalaya movement runs 99,209 one-teacher schools in Tribal and less privileged areas of Bharat. Over 2.6 million students get primary education in these schools.

Sewa Norway Activities

Christmas cards for Old Age Home

Thank you so much for supporting a great cause and spreading happiness. We have delivered 1000 julekort in 14 oldage home. Five in Drammen and Hokkesund, Three in Asker and five in Oslo and Lørenskog. 200 + children participated in this activity. Thank you all the parents, children and volunteers. You have made an unforgettable difference.

COVID-19 Pandemic Support to India

SEWA Norway has procured 36 concentrators and shipped those in Delhi on 4th May. Through SEWA Norway, JACOMEDIC donated medical supplies along with Oxygen Masks, Filters, Tubes, and Connectors and the approximate cost in Norwegian market is close to 50000 NOK

Sewa day activities near Kvernaviga

SEWA Norway on a clean-up mission on Saturday 2 October! Adults and children were eager and engaged as we searched for rubbish between the stones. Meters of rope remains were the main catch. There were 4 bags and a car tyre. Many thanks for the efforts of young and old!

Our Mission is to provide SEWA for all. Selfless Efforts for Welfare of All.

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